Using Art as Medicine

Belly Art for Womb Healing

Did you miss this live webinar? Join this class to access the recording and enjoy learning more about how belly art can support your healing process.

Learning Objectives:
-Learn about how your BELLY PERCEPTION can create wellness or dis-ease in your WOMB!
-Learn the spiritual meaning behind the current state of your belly health
-Learn the biological relationship between belly health and your womb
-Learn how to use belly art to create healing loving vibrations

Instructor: Valencia Waymer of the company, Besitos Face and Body Painting

Bio: Besitos Face & Body Painting was founded in 2011 although its birth occurred over a ten year period. Besitos founder, artist Velicia Waymer is trained as a fashion illustrator and has worked as a graphic artist for many years. Exploring different facets of the creative world has always been an ongoing passion for Velicia.

" Face and body painting has a transformative effect on the subject's appearance and provides an opportunity for them to play at being someone or something different. Body painting also helps the model to express personal sentiment without the permanancy of a tattoo."

Velicia hopes to utilize Besitos Face & Body Painting ™ as a vehicle to promote acceptance of oneself. Velicia also utilizes her experience as a coach to assist clients to work through body acceptance issues by providing onsite workshops and webinars. The "All My Love" campaign will premier in 2013 with a gallery showing of various body paintings and the stories of their subjects.
  • Belly Art for Womb Healing Lecture
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed