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7 Day Emotional Discipline Masterclass

Emotional Discipline is the practice of sitting with yourself, and being able to sort through what you feel in a way that leads to behaviors that are self-nourishing, instead of self-sabotaging.

This is the time of year when calling your energy back to yourself is essential to preparing for the changes coming for the new year.

This 7 day masterclass will allow you to learn how to:

Become fully present and aware of your emotional state
Practice patience, surrender, and trust to ground your energy
Manifest what you desire from a peaceful state
Use your words and silence wisely as a creative tool
Embrace 'intentional ignorance'
Spiritually hibernate for psychological and emotional replenishment
Recognize and move through seasonal depression and anxiety
How is this class structured?

Each day there is an audio lesson to support you in meditating, time and energy management, and tuning into your heart space. There are two 60 minute group coaching calls in this process: one at the beginning of the week and one at the close.

This is not a class designed for intense trauma processing and recovery. We are keeping things light and helping you learn how to ground the intensity of your emotions.

The focus is on connecting you to your heart space, your emotional health, and being loved on and provided with tools to become radical with your acceptance of where you are emotionally.

Acceptance is the medicine you need when your emotions are running on autopilot.

My Intention...

I have found that being intentional about being still during the fall and winter seasons allows my nervous system to recover from the stresses and intensity of the previous seasons of the year.

Having a witness to support you during this time is nourishing. You are not alone. There is a way to tune into your heart and get what you need without strain.

I invite you to this experience of self-care.
  • Welcome
  • Greetings from Thema
  • You Said Yes...
  • Journal Prompt: Your Intentions
  • Accessing the Group Coaching Calls
  • Details
  • Daily Practices in Emotional Discipline - DO THESE EACH DAY
  • Daily Sound Bath for Emotional Wellness
  • Daily "Talk Fast" - Practicing Sacred Silence
  • Daily Mirror Work - Who do you love?
  • Daily Emotional Assessment
  • Practicing Patience - Days 2 & 3
  • Emotional Wellbeing 101 - with Thema Azize Serwa
  • 10 Things Your Emotions Are Trying to Tell You - with Psych2Go
  • Journal Prompt: Feedback on Psych2Go Video
  • What is Patience? How do I Practice It?
  • Journal Prompt: The Gift of Not Engaging
  • What is Surrender? How Do I Practice It?
  • Aligning Your Subconscious with SURRENDER
  • Journal Prompt: The Joy of Napping
  • The Problem with Overreacting
  • Journal Prompt: Releasing Unnecessary Responsibilities
  • What is Trust? How Do I Practice It?
  • Journal Prompt: I have decided...
  • What Kind of Change Do I Want?: Do It For YOU Video
  • Journal Prompt: Feedback on Do It For You Video
  • Taking Your New Skills With You
  • Preparing for the Close Out Call
  • 7 Day Emotional Discipline Masterclass Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed