Module 1-The Call to Womb Work (001)

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-- Womb work is a sacred work. How do you know that you are passionately aligned with
that work for the reasons that elevate you and your clients?

This course walks you through understanding the current global awakening around womb healing and how
ancient herbal steam medicine is positioned within it. There is also a brief history of
ancient herbal steam practices in various cultures. By the end of the course you will get
to decide YOUR position in this amazing time.
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  • Module 001 Exam
  • Homework Assignment 1 - Research on Fibroids
  • Homework Assignment 2 - Introducing Yourself to the Community
  • Homework Assignment 3 - Clinical Research about Yoni Steaming
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Homework Assignment 2 - Introducing Yourself to the Community, Homework Assignment 3 - Clinical Research about Yoni Steaming"