Energy Based Healing

Healing Your Womb Through Reiki

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Reiki is an energy healing modality that helps to facilitate healing on a mental, physical and spiritual level. This course will discuss the variety of ways that the Reiki method of natural healing can effectively support your journey to womb healing. In this class you will...

-Learn how reiki will balance & heal your chakras & can be used for fertility treatments, pregnancy, & new mothers
-Learn how reiki combines with color therapies for powerful holistic healing for the womb
-Learn how reiki can combine with crystal therapies to support healing fibroids, PCOS, infertility, & more
-Learn how reiki combines with Guided Womb Meditation
-Learn how to create a reiki box for womb healing

Course Instructor: Reshena Johnson, RP, IARP, CWSP

Reshena Johnson, RP, IARP is a Usui Shiki Ryoho Practitioner, Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher, a Certified Womb Sauna Practitioner and an Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner. She is the owner of Akoma Reiki & Healing, which she founded in 2013. Although her healing business is newly established, she has been in the business of empowering clients to identify, create a plan for, and take ownership of manifesting their goals for many years. It is her 10+ years of experience as a community based non-profit professional, trained financial aid coach and educational adviser that has prepared her to support and advise women of all ages with her ‘compassionately real’ approach to healing. In addition to her healing work, Reshena is also a budding tarot and oracle card reader, a womb work devotee and an advocate for women connecting to the Divine Feminine energy that is inherent within them. She is a true believer that we all have the power to heal ourselves and as such does not see herself as a healer, but a conduit through which people can achieve healing for themselves.
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