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Balance Your Hormones

In this day and age, when high levels of stress is the norm, your endocrine system is begging for you to nourish it daily. In this class you will learn 20 practical methods to support your endocrine system.

Your body will always leave clues about how you do life.

Hormones are are the body's chemical messengers, sending signals into the bloodstream and tissues. Hormones work slowly, over time, and affect many different processes, including growth and development, metabolism – how your body gets energy from the foods you eat- sexual function, reproduction, and mood.

RevHigh Priestess Thema Azize Serwa will:

-Provide simple and practical ways to balance your hormones for 20 days
-Recommend tools for your self-care routine for endocrine health
-Provide one email coaching session for additional support

Many women do not think about their hormonal health until it begins to suffer. The health of your endocrine system can have long term consequences. 

This on demand course gives you 20 simple ways to create a daily routine that supports your hormonal health.

What will you learn:

-What types of foods and herbs support a healthy endocrine system
-How do fats play a part in balancing your hormones
-What is the connection between gut health and your hormones
-How does exercise, proper rest, and caffeine impact hormonal health
-Which environmental chemicals are toxic for endocrine health
-The importance of Vitamin D3, Leptin, Gelatin, Turmeric, and Phytoestrogens
-How your weight impacts your hormonal health
-The value of eating foods rich in Vitamin A
-How being in nature balances your hormones
-How Coconut Oil can Help
-Skincare tips for hormonal acne and skin eruptions
-The truth about using pharmaceutical birth control
-The Power of Deep Breathing for your endocrine system
  • Instructional Audio Lecture
  • Day 1 Practical Method
  • Day 1 Check In
  • Day 2 Practical Method
  • Day 2 Check In
  • Day 3 Practical Method
  • Day 3 Check In
  • Day 4 Practical Method
  • Day 4 Check In
  • Day 5 Practical Method
  • Day 5 Check In
  • Day 6 Practical Method
  • Day 6 Check In
  • Day 7 Practical Method
  • Day 7 Check In
  • Day 8 Practical Method
  • Day 8 Check In
  • Day 9 Practical Method
  • Day 9 Check In
  • Day 10 Practical Method
  • Day 10 Check In
  • Day 11 Practical Method
  • Day 11 Check In
  • Day 12 Practical Method
  • Day 12 Check In
  • Day 13 Practical Method
  • Day 13 Check In
  • Day 14 Practical Method
  • Day 14 Check In
  • Day 15 Practical Method
  • Day 15 Check In
  • Day 16 Practical Method
  • Day 16 Check In
  • Day 17 Practical Method
  • Day 17 Check In
  • Day 18 Practical Method
  • Day 18 Check In
  • Day 19 Practical Method
  • Day 19 Check In
  • Day 20 Practical Method
  • Day 20 Check In
  • Instructions for your email coaching session
  • Recommended Tools for Self-Care
  • Survey - Balance Your Hormones
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed