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Fibroids: Your Womb Grows What's Hidden

Join us as we address the global epidemic of fibroids. RevHigh Priestess Thema Azize Serwa will peel back the layers on why so many women are affected by fibroids, dispel myths about how to release fibroids, and provide a comprehensive holistic approach to healing fibroids.

Many women have made nutritional shifts, have spent hundreds on supplements and herbs, have even had surgeries and more...yet the fibroids either remain or regrow. This webinar is getting rid of the fluff around healing fibroids.

Course Objectives:
-How to create a healthcare team of comprehensive and holistic expertise for your healing journey
-What methods have scientific backing concerning healing fibroids
-How to simplify your healing regimen for fibroids
-How to understand the types of fibroids you can create and the emotional and spiritual meaning behind the different types of fibroids
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