Astrology, Divination, Rituals, Spirituality

The Empath Survival Guide

In a world full of negative, destructive energy, feeling like a psychic "sponge" can be overwhelming. This course is designed to provide empathic individuals with empowering tools and techniques, such as:

- Beginning and maintaining a spiritual self-care and protection regimen
- Building a basic altar or sacred space
- Salt bathing
- Meditation and Visualization

Your gifts are an asset, not a liability. Don't confine yourself to the fringes of life--learn to honor and support yourself today.

Instructor Bio:

A gifted clairaudient, empath and spirit medium, Priestess Nuit is able to channel and relay messages from various sources—offering a road map to empowerment and upliftment for her clients.

A native of Baltimore City, she holds a B.S. in Psychology and African American studies from Northeastern University. She is also a trained bodyworker (Baltimore School of Massage graduate) and Reiki Master.
  • Course Lecture
  • Altar Building Guide
  • Salt Bathing for Energy Clearing Guide
  • White Light Visualization Exercise
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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed